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install sparky-linux 64 bits

Started by jibel, February 11, 2021, 06:48:18 PM

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Hello every one ,
it's the first times to post here a question about this OS. The install are correct, the function with "openbox" . It's with this option I have a big trouble, impossible  to put a icon , navigator , mail ..... I go to the "menu" I click  these one  impossible it stay in the taskbar. The icon can't stay at this place  same thing with  my personal pictures of screen. I would like puts my few image on this folders ? For  inform you It's the first times I used this OS usually I used debian or many other OSs, really It's the first time I have some trouble whit  this OS    ???
Can you help me on this subject s ? many thanks see you soon  :)
My passion are the movie  & macrobiotic , a little sportsman I practice tennis since  50 years ...that all


Hello, if you go to System Tools -> APTus -> Desktop you can select another desktop manager. It might help?

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