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Started by jbcooper, February 08, 2021, 05:16:08 AM

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Been sparking for a couple of days!! Seems like a very good distro. Had to switch from another distro I had been with for 8 years because the new version of that one kept crashing my main machine. I don't blame the distro - I think it was the cat because he kept jumping on the keyboard. It wouldn't stay up long enough to make a boot disk so I had to get a 15 YO machine from ebay (£35) and put 32 bit sparky on it to make a boot disc for my main 64 bit machine! ;-0  So far so good with Sparky on both systems - flipping fast actually, even on the very old one. Anyway, if all goes well you won't hear a lot more from me unless there is anything I can do - so, go on, give me a job to do then (but I can't translate anything though, sorry)! Cheers for now, Jon.C.

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