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Author Topic: Change udev rule to automount USB disk into /home/user* instead of /media/user*  (Read 129 times)

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I have external USB disk which Sparky auto mounts into media/xxx/ folder. The drive is full read/write/delete for user "xxx"

As user "xxx" I configured Minidlna to share the files on USB and the Downloads:


/media is owned by root, /xxx is also owned by root and SSD-2 is owned by user "xxx"
/home is owned by root, /xxx is owned by user "xxx" and Downloads is owned by "xxx"

Minidlna shares out the contents of /home/xxx/Downloads, but refuses to share any content of /media/xxx.

Is this because /media/xxx is owned by root, as opposed to /home/xxx owned by user "xxx"?

To fix this, how should I edit some config files to make Sparky mount the USB drive into /home/xxx/Media (or Storage, etc)?
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