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Português / bluetooth in openbox
« Last post by serejj on Today at 08:55:07 pm »
Boas pessoal, alguém sabe como usar o bluetooth?
Já perdi tanto tempo à procura de como ligar um dispositivo bluetooth que já começo a sentir que estou a fazer alguma coisa do outro mundo. É algo tão simples no windows e aqui tornou-se uma verdadeira dor de cabeça encontrar uma aplicação para o efeito. No gestor de redes não há nada para o efeito e estou confuso.
Applications / Re: bluetooth client openbox
« Last post by serejj on Today at 01:48:42 am »
I'm using the minimal GUI wich is the openbox.
Just want to connect my cell phone to the laptop via bluetooth.
Something like i use to do in windows in the bluetooth icon. Is this possible or i should go back to windows?
Installation / Re: [SOLVED] After installation no Grub2
« Last post by paxmark1 on Today at 01:34:01 am »
I sometimes check howtos for age and appropriateness

Code: [Select]
aptitude show refind
Package: refind                         
Version: 0.11.3-1
State: not installed
Priority: optional
Section: admin
Maintainer: Rod Smith <>
Architecture: amd64
Uncompressed Size: 4,654 k
Depends: debconf, efibootmgr, openssl, parted, debconf (>= 0.5) | debconf-2.0

nice find.  web page was updated in March of 2020  It is in debian repositories, so vetted.  I choose to not help with grub2, one can only do so much. 
Applications / Re: bluetooth client openbox
« Last post by paxmark1 on Today at 01:25:04 am »
You do not mention your DE.  There are various options, but much depends on your systems set up and that can be via the DE (desktop environment)    1 easy way to show us good info would be via command line  Please post output  (and marked up in xml for the forum by the # button above.  There are posts here and youtube videos on how to use inxi,  it is good tool to learn early, use often.

"inxi -bn" 

I do not have any machines with bluetooth, the above command will help others to help. 

You probably do not use ceni or wicd, the answer will probably depend on whether you have "network-manager"  (gnome) or "connman" (qt5 - most devs are from Intel) installed.  If connman then use the cmst gui or for more control the command line "connmanctl".  If network-manager - there are numerous recent howtos.  If you do not find help in the Sparky wiki the next best place to look is in the Debian Wiki.

guis include  network-manager-gnome   (applet?) and plasma-nm (KDE) 

peace out.

Applications / bluetooth client openbox
« Last post by serejj on Today at 12:41:10 am »
How can i use bluetooth in openbox?
Cannot find a graphical client to use bluetooh, any ideas?
Installation / Re: Compositor [compton > picom ]
« Last post by verndog on April 06, 2020, 07:46:57 pm »
The 'picom' package built yesterday so is coming to Sparky repos.
Good to know. Thanks.
General discussion / Re: What do you love the most about sparkylinux ?
« Last post by nemomen on April 06, 2020, 12:58:09 pm »
Dear Ychaouche,
sorry for my late respond, I have read you message only now.
When the Microsoft Corporation has announced the end of life their XP OS, I had turned to Linux.
During this period of time, I having tried different distros like Ubuntu, Solus, Antergos, Makulu, Elementary, Peppermint, Debian, Manjaro, Mint, Q4S, Tristel, among others. Still I used SparkyLinux Xfce 5.11 Nibiru OS 64-bit for years. (Previously I started with the 32-bit one and the LXDE Editions).
Why SparkyLinux?
Easiest to learn and as simple as possible to use. I have the possibility to use both the repositories of Sparky and Debian at the same time. The supply of them is conform to my requirements and rich itself. But you would have to know, I have no presence on social media, no streaming and gaming and as general rule the ABC disabled. So I have no experiences with these popular applications and working with them.
Stable and it seems to me, their future looks well also.
I could furnish you with such a small amount of information, which not positive, but my opinion is, that they are all depend on my special requirements: when booting from the live ISO, the background is black and the rows, where anyone could choose the language are too dark in a black background for my eyes. But I know it, and would be careful when booting live ISOs, and installation does not taken place too much times. The appearance has many possibilities to set theme, panel, icons, style and similar others, but my eyes do not prefer the white background for everyday use. While I having used LXDE Desktop I had no problems in everyday usage with desktop and I have a strange feeling the situation would be the same with LXQt and Mate as well, but still I use Xfce Desktop. In spite of the fact, there are many dark varieties, unfortunately I have not found such a style and theme so far, which would be really preferred by my eyes. It works properly, only uncomfortable for me. But it depends on the Xfce and not on SparkyLinux and a question of my leisure time, which always not enough. Once you have set your settings, no problem any more. Do you want more difficulties than these ones, then try other distros, but I suggest you to choose rather an other desktop.
I suggest you to keep your system updated, you would have many possibilities to do that in SparkyLinux like the tools: System Upgrade, APTus, by Terminal at least. But it is distro independent advice. Comparing to MS OS, especially to W10, each Linux distro is user friendly, but keeping update your system is would be the easier with SparkyLinux and setting your own favourite applications, desktop, appearance and others is the same.
You can find answers to your questions on the Forum, if any, but on the forums of Debian-used other distros as well. Perhaps you could find such a forum of Debian-based distros, which supply solutions in your native language, so you can solve your problems anyway. I remind you I had written earlier I tried previously the Debian itself, but I had my way back to SparkyLinux not eventually. However this is an additional advantage, I think.
Have a Covid-free time for everyone!
Installation / Re: Compositor [compton > picom ]
« Last post by pavroo on April 06, 2020, 11:04:47 am »
The 'picom' package built yesterday so is coming to Sparky repos.
Installation / Re: After installation no Grub2
« Last post by facciofinta on April 06, 2020, 09:47:59 am »
This worked for me:
Download rEFInd boot manager at
I've chosen the "USB flash drive image file" of rEFInd
Then find your usable usb-stick
Code: [Select]
sudo fdisk -lFor me it was detected
Code: [Select]
Disk /dev/mmcblk0: 1,9 GiB, 1973420032 bytes, 3854336 sectorsunmount it
Code: [Select]
umount /dev/mmcblk0copy the .img file of rEFInd
Code: [Select]
sudo dd if=/home/USER/ETCETERA/refind-flashdrive-0.12.0/refind-flashdrive-0.12.0.img of=/dev/mmcblk0then restart computer with boot option to the UEFI on that usb-stick
now navigate the beautiful rEFInd panel - look for "install rEFInd on your computer"

that's it!
System upgrading / Re: upgrade from 4.2 to 5.10 via apt-get
« Last post by facciofinta on April 06, 2020, 09:40:21 am »
Finally I prefered to make a new installation! also I've not teted it.
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