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What are the main differences between Sparky stable and Debian Stable+Backports

Started by giulinideon, January 06, 2019, 06:18:10 PM

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Hi guys, how are you ?

First of all, thank you for your job on SparkyLinux.

I have used Debian Stable + Backports in the past to get a mix of stability and "up-to-date" packages for my desktop needs.

What does sparky linux offer for users of his stable releases that i can't get with debian +backports ?


What does sparky linux rolling release have over the normal debian testing ? :)



I came because it had good LXQT support ( just prior to Debians putting it in) and hey, all the non-free is installed. 

1.  Different installers.  Sparky had Calmares as first option and a remastersys

2.  All non-free components are readily available at install, simplifies wifi for some, etc.  There is the option to not install.  And if you look hard enough you can find the mini-isos from Debian that have the non-free components for testing and stable. 

3.  The aptus suite.  I'm a cli guy, but it is a fairly well crafted "swiss army knife" of all things upgrading. Search the wiki for "aptus"
  Yad features heavily.

4.  Quite a lot of ppa's that you can enable.  Wine, steam, play on linux  etc.  Sid sources for testing.  The ppas are not Ubuntu based.  Myself, I don't use them much, and I comment out the debmultimedia source as soon as possible. 

Downside, unable to post problems in #debian #debian-next , etc. irc or forum.  I have a few times, but it was where I had the same problem on a Sparky and a Debian machine.   

More revealed in the wiki. 

peace out.
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Thank you for your answer, helped a lot.

About the Sparky Rolling Release,  do sparky linux team test/fix something in the packages before it became available in the repositories ?
After a debian release,  testing repositories became a little bit unstable due to the number of packages from sid. How sparky linux handle this instability ?

Thank you.

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