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"could not start ksmserver , check your installation"

Started by dass, November 03, 2016, 02:59:31 AM

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"could not start ksmserver , check your installation" the system said to me.  when try to turn on and log into my netbook
this messages happens each time i try to log in to the netbook ( running sparky kde 32bits PAE  )the computer=  2 gigabytes ram.asus eepc (the second chance always let me enter to the desktop). But need to log in 2 times. I need to reinstall the system?  Any suggestion?


If you look at the output of "journalctl -b -1" - does anything stand out.  You can pipe in a search in journalctl - examples are "journalctl -b -1 | grep ailed" or search whatever kf5 systemd service is being utilized for the login.  Do any bugs catch your eye on the Debian bug tracking system or KDE bug tracking system?

If you are going to continue to utilize a fast changing DE that is in very heavy development, you will need information sources from long term competent users of kde.  You will want to hear what people using sid and kde are doing and fixing 5 or more days prior; lurking on irc of debian kde  and kde,  using the Debian bug tracking system, using the kde bug system, etc. 

It is a very fast paced sprint right now for kde5 and other major projects for Debian as the freeze happens on Nov. 5 and new programs will be very difficult to get into stretch after that.   Qt 5.6.1 is transitioning to 5.7.1 in sid,  so that it can get into stretch when stretch turns stable. 

one possibility for a new install
(sudo) dpkg --configure -a" might help.  Please research why this is so before using. 

Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


About my problem, I decided to install from scratch would be more simple. (for me) I am not an expert in systems. But I did the manual installation making a difference in the amount of Swap memory. And comparing other 2 facilities in other 2 netbook with the same 2 gigabytes Ram capabilities. 1.6 gigaherts. Netbooks. Sparky KDE 32 bit. PAE and for benefit of friends here, results and what I see in the panel's analysis of the computer of each separately.

1. Computer a.) Swap memory: 2.07 GB
                          Disc Buffer: 136.58 MB
                          Disc Cache: 971.28 MB

2. Computer b.) Swap Memory: 2.12 GB
                          Disc Cache:  694.91 MB
                          Buffer: 61.12 MB

3. Computer c.) Swap Memory: 3.0 GB      ( I saw  better performance here!!! )
                          Disc Buffer: 53.01 MB
                           Cache: 518.02 MB

Note: as shown in the results to increase the ram of 2 GB recommended of memory Swap  To 3 GB in one of the netbook. THE buffer and cache is reduced. Apparently to allocate more memory Ram lightens the load both the cache and buffer. That is my impression if  I'm not wrong. Solved the initial problem affecting me. ( "could not start ksmserver , check your installation")  And I notice an improvement in the speed and smoothness of the system. My recommendation? To do a manual install add  at least 3 gigabytes of memory Swap. IF can be  4 Gigabytes is better  (how PCLINUXOS KDE installation do in its automatic installation)  Something that always  call the attention of their installation – automatic – was  (the why of too much memory Swap added  IN PCLINUXOS? ).the answer:  IT makes much more agile and stable  the system  -    works!
apparently the do this "stretches  the cache and the buffer to increase the performance.  Proven!!

adding more tips:

  Updating: try to not install a new kernel in an older computer.

do NOT use the utility included in sparky's UPGRADING if the computer has 8, 10 or more years old, or try to use the latest updating kernel  in computer like this (old) - why?  because the new kernel give problems probably to the very old graphics card. Is more secure letting the kernel MORE  OLD (posible) to the system; this can do update to all those programs using sinaptic or install "muon" (another handler of softwares and updater) and have to the day, all the system ( softwares) without risk of change the old kernel. This old kernel warranty your grapics card will run fine. IN other way YOU WILL need to  reinstall the Complete OS again. Be carefull.

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