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Memtest Hangs

Started by fstephens, July 26, 2023, 06:27:24 PM

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I have successfully remastered Sparky Rescue several times, but memtest is not working.
Neither does it work in the original ISO. It hangs at 7% on one PC and a similar point on another.
PC#1 is a Dell Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz with 8GB RAM.
PC#2 is an HP AMD Phenom 2 Quad core @ 2.8GHz with 16GB RAM.
The memtest was Memtest86 v.4.3.7.
This problem does not occur when booting a Linux Mint v21.1 64bit USB drive, with Memtest86 v5.3.1b, running for hours.
I notice there are several memtest files in the build directory/custom_root. So is the memtest file in the isolinux directory just a stub that calls the appropriate binary?
Can I just replace those binaries with the latest Memtest86+ binaries?


It has to be updated, thanks

And, yes, you can update the files
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Thank you very much. I will try the latest memtest86+ files.


I replace the memtest files (renaming them to match the originals), but unfortunately now memtest will not even start.
Any ideas what I may have done wrong?

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