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Touchpad 2 fingers not working, everything else is a dream

Started by Rhino, February 07, 2022, 09:19:54 PM

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After more than a few attempts, I installed Sparky 6.1 i686 minimal gui on my HP X2, 2in1 tablet/laptop (2GB RAM, 32GB ROM), with 1 usb and attached keyboard.
At the beginning, the touchpad didn't work at all and I plugged a usb wireless mouse, which worked fine.
And after I unplugged that one, my mouse worked. But not the 2 finger scrolling.
I read through posts here and I tried some things and they all go to the same settings where I can't change much.
I updated Sparky with the latest (at least that's what I think) and I installed some apps that I wanted.
Any suggestions on how can I make the 2 finger scrolling work?


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