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Finding Sparky

Started by pavroo, December 16, 2021, 01:17:53 PM

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You have been asking us where is the SparkyLinux service?

Technicians dealing with our VPS diagnosed the problem (of course not for free) with slow loading and not working at all our services. They installed the appropriate security patches, but the problem persisted. We found out that it is not related only to attacks on our server. After an in-depth analysis of our server logs, we found out that the server has been overloaded for the last few months, and the biggest problems began at the end of November 2021. The analysis shows that the greatest load on the server is caused by services related to SparkyLinux and it is not possible to continue functioning in its current form.

We are very happy with the constantly increasing number of SparkyLinux users, but it consumes all server resources, and thus not displaying all our web pages.

We urgently need to switch to a more powerful server, and this one costs € 480 per year. And now, without waiting for all our websites to stop displaying, we paid one month for a new server in order to start transferring websites as soon as possible, so all of them could work uninterruptedly. Hmmm ... with our small budget resources it will be an annual challenge for us. Will you help us meet these challenges?

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