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Block Web Sites - Trick - Sparky 2020.06

Started by zandoval, June 23, 2020, 11:49:18 PM

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Basic Way Limiting Web Connections Sparky 2020.06

This is very dirty and of yet unproven. This technique is easily circumvented by anyone with basic browser settings knowledge. It points to a nonfunctional proxy address giving an error for all urls except the one specified for no proxy.

Firefox - Preferences> Find in preferences> proxy> Settings> Manual Proxy Configuration> Port 8888 (this was really made up in that it currently does not connect to anything and is in error)

Farther down in the settings area entered
No proxy for>,

So browser only connects to wikipedia.

Long Story.... I needed to keep my 93 year old father from getting into any social media sites to give his personal expert opinion on politics and religion. Not that we really disagree on every thing but for some the truth hurts and it would seem that every thing we say now days will be used against us at a latter date. He has rudimentary computer skills and like most of us over 60 years he is an Encyclopedia hound. That is, we like to browse the pages and just collect stuff to put in our "Useless Shit" file in the back of our brains. After all, how else can you maintain your "Jack Of All Trades and Master of Nutten" degree. I took Sparky and modified the menu list using the LXDE Menu Editor (yes it woks in LXQt). That got all the dangerous stuff at least off the desktop menu. I then went through two days of fiddling with proxy servers and attempts to create Black and White lists and failed! Privoxy, Tinyproxy, Simple-Blocker, Nanny, in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, it was pitiful and most humbling. Then it came to me. Make a fake proxy and use the No Proxy for the sites I want to allow. So far it works. And my 93 year old Dad keeps plugging.

Of course he still wants into that Twitter... Sure hope he doesn't figure it out...
No mater where your at... There you are.

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