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I'm in love for Sparky i3 <SOLVED>

Started by paolo, October 16, 2019, 11:51:03 AM

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Hello to you all,
I have installed the latest minimal iso with Openbox and later I installed i3wm from aptus.
this implementation of i3 is fantastic, better than others distros.
I have only few questions:
- how to change the high of i3bar? the temperature icon is cutted .

- how to modify i3conky? I like to modify the x and y asset to fit my netbook screen.

- why there is not a Sparkylinux i3.iso? this can be real minimal and I think many users can come here from others distro

Thanks for all


Hey paolo.

Quotehow to change the high of i3bar?

Bar height scales to font size. Edit i3 config file (~/.config/i3/config) and find bar {} section, change font size.

Quotethe temperature icon is cutted

Can not reproduce that. Looks fine for me.

Quotehow to modify i3conky?

You can find i3conky config file at /opt/conky-sparky-i3.conf

Quotewhy there is not a Sparkylinux i3.iso?

1). Lack of manpower.
2) No one asked for it before.
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Many thanks, I follow your advice and I solved all
this small problems.
For the "cutted" temperature icon the problem was the size of the fonts and the resolution of my netbook screen (1024 x 600)
The original font size was good, I only commented some lines in the i3bar file (I don't need to much info)
Thanks for all and excuseme for my late reply

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