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Command 'apt-get update' returned non-zero exit status 100.

Started by kendew, July 17, 2019, 06:41:27 AM

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Trying to install Sparky LXQt version 5.7 gives me a
QuoteCommand 'apt-get update' returned non-zero exit status 100.
error and refers to Boost.python.  The whole dialogue goes
Command 'apt-get update' returned non-zero exit status 100.
Get:1 testing InRelease [117 kB] Ign:2 testing/updates InRelease Get:3 testing/contrib Sources [44.3 kB] Err:4 testing/updates Release 404 Not Found [IP: 80] Get:5 testing/main Sources [7879 kB] Get:6 core InRelease [3588 B] Get:7 testing InRelease [3594 B] Get:8 core/main Sources [74.3 kB] Get:9 core/main i386 Packages [77.3 kB] Get:10 core/main amd64 Packages [81.3 kB] Get:11 testing/non-free Sources [87.9 kB] Get:12 testing/main i386 Packages [7889 kB] Get:13 testing/main Sources [19.6 kB] Get:14 testing/main i386 Packages [36.0 kB] Get:15 testing/main amd64 Packages [37.0 kB] Get:16 testing/main amd64 Packages [7934 kB] Get:17 testing/main Translation-en [5994 kB] Get:18 testing/contrib amd64 Packages [52.3 kB] Get:19 testing/contrib i386 Packages [48.1 kB] Get:20 testing/contrib Translation-en [45.5 kB] Get:21 testing/non-free i386 Packages [78.2 kB] Get:22 testing/non-free amd64 Packages [90.5 kB] Get:23 testing/non-free Translation-en [90.4 kB] Reading package lists... E: The repository ' testing/updates Release' does not have a Release file.

File "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/calamares/modules/packages/", line 515, in run

  File "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/calamares/modules/packages/", line 267, in update_db
    check_target_env_call(["apt-get", "update"])

  File "<string>", line 29, in <module>

To be sure, I am using an iso from a couple of months ago, pre-Buster.  Can anyone help me understand this?


It is the middle of a change.  Several posts in this section "Installation & Upgrade"   mention the transition going on.  New isos are on the way. 

Sparky 4 is (was)  based on Debian Stretch which is now old stable
Sparky 5 is based on Debian Buster, which is the new stable.  Brand new. 
Sparky 6 (I believe) will be based on Debian Bullseye which is the new testing.

Read the wiki and the forums and decide.   

Note:  5.7 is based on Buster (when it was still testing)  - but your older version iso (I believe) will point to sources that are in Bullseye. If you were to use Debian testing isos that were made up a few weeks ago and attempted to install them presently, you might have had similar problems.   
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


OP, if you have problems, just continue the install without internet, and boot into SparkyLinux.  This is a quality distro, I promise.


No argument about the quality distro part...I could go on and on about what I like about Sparky, but people might accuse me of getting off topic...I am amazed Sparky doesn't make it much higher on the distrowatch list. 
But reading a little as suggested, I'm having a rude awakening that Sparky testing is not as rolling as I had imagined.  It seems it's going to hit a bump every 2 years or so.  I've read at instructions for what to do about the bump, but from my installation attempt I get the feeling it's not going to be that easy.
Maybe I should explain what I want to use Sparky for.  I'm basically installing Linux systems on computers that I will then give to non-profits or students who would have difficulty affording a new computer.  Many of these individuals will be Linux novices, at least at first, so I'm wanting something that's going to hit as few bumps as possible.  Sparky stable is perfect for old computers, but for computers that have come out in the last two years or so, a rolling release would be good, bringing new functionality and better compatibility.  I'd like new but not leading edge, so I had thought Sparky would work well for my needs.   
Anyway, I install on quite a few different kinds of computers, so my posts appear here and there on this forum.  Thanks for the support.


since you post for a variety of computers, it would help when problems arise if you would post the parts of your computer specs when problems arise.  inxi is now installed by default on Sparky now I believe. 5.8 and on.   

And for systemd journaling, I still advise to always edit every install in /etc/systemd/journald.conf   change from auto to persistent

Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.

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