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How do I delete trash on Sparkylinux 4 Openbox

Started by yadbash, April 10, 2019, 07:38:43 PM

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I have found /.trash=1000/  directory that has 2 directories files & info.  Contains 1.6GB trashed files.

How do I properly remove the trash on Openbox ?


I'm bit confused. Can't you simply open your file manager and empty trash bin? If not, do your have gvfs installed?
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Actually, I'm the one who is really confused. The openbox filemanager does not have a trashcan. First version I have used like this.

Yes, gvfs is installed. Plenty of info about .Trash-1000 files and /home/user.local/share/trash as being trash holders but, nothing about removing the trash files.

I recently deleted 4 GB of old data and hard drive free space did not increase.

Arrrg.  My newbie-ism is showing :(


@lami07   -  Thank You !!   With your suggestion to check gvfs installed and it is and it got in the right direction.

Here is the command to empty user trash  gvfs-trash --empty

Here is the command to empty root trash sudo gvfs-trash --empty

Had 3.6 GB Free --> then 8.3 GB Free --> then 8.6 GB Free.

Again, Thank You !!!!! :)

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