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Won't boot after install to a USB disk

Started by dmick1954, December 07, 2018, 07:45:06 PM

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I am running Debian Linux on a HP laptop.  I want to create a USB Linux disk for the purpose of repairing my system when it crashes.  I play a lot so that is a possibility.

Anyway, I downloaded your minimal gui iso.  I used dd to install that on a USB stick which was successful.  Then I rebooted into the live USB and attempted to install it onto another USB stick.  The install appeared to be successful.  However, I got a blank screen when I attempted to boot off of the USB and my grub file for my Debian Installation was corrupted.  I had to run the recover software and reinstall grub to my harddrive.

So, I have two issues.
1. How do I install and run Sparky on a USB drive without messing up my Debian installation on my harddrive?

2. How do I get rid of the blank screen and get it to reboot.  (a grub problem?)




I think you should use Advanced Installer to install Sparky on a second USB, and do not install grub at all (there is such option).
Then boot your existing OS from a hard drive (Debian) and update grub adding Sparky entry to the existing grub list.
Install Sparky again on the second USB, but grub install on a hard drive which replace the Debian's one.

To get the Debian's grub back, you can try one of 2 ways:
1. Run Sparky live from an USB, refresh package list and install 'grub-repair' tool to fix Debian's grub.
2. Run Sparky Rescue live from an USB which has the 'grub-repair' alredy pre-installed.
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