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LXQT (kwin-x11 based) SparkyLinux (unstable)

Started by manyroads, October 14, 2018, 10:40:36 PM

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I have built a version of SparkyLinux LXQT (unstable) that uses kwin-x11 by default.  You may download the file by the link at the end of this announcement. The version I created is a proof of concept work. It should  be quite usable... but you will determine that. The system, as built, offers the following:

- All original functions of SparkyLinux LXQT remain intact. Therefore, this install is larger than you might expect.
- To login to the LiveUSB, the username/password are: live/live
- Install the kwin-x11 base software using the Sparky Installer
- Once installed, you will note all windows look & operate similar to those on a KDE system.
- I fixed the "Open as Root" function on pcmanfm-qt
- pcmanfm-qt looks very different (due to new icons, sizing, KDE layout)
- The default Desktop windows theme is KDE Breeze. Plasma and oxygen are available in this install.)
- KDE Systems Settings function is installed and functioning; it is accessible on the LXQT Menu.
- Icons used are Ultra-flat (compatible with the KDE themes).
- The LXQT panel is significantly modified and looks much more xfce4 or Windows like.
- Because SparkyBackup provides a Live Image suitable for CD/DVD use, you may wish to generate a bootable USB (for non-CD/DVD machine use). Guidance on how-to do this can be found via Google or alternatively, you may use this help/guidance:

If there is interest in having an LXQT/kwin-x11 version of SparkeyLinux, I would recommend, at least, the following changes be made to this version:
-removal of openbox and related applications, themes, etc.
-replacement of gtk-based applications with QT-based applications where possible.

The Live Iso may be accessed from the following Dropbox folder. I'll leave the download  online for awhile (as long as I see interest here). After that, I'll free the Dropbox space for other uses. ;) The iso is being uploaded at this writing. Given my less-than-stellar internet connection, the iso should be uploaded late Sunday (US Time)/ early Monday (European Time) . :o

- This software is yours to keep, use, or break. There are no guarantees whatsoever beyond this... if you break it, you may keep all the pieces. ;
- This build has only been tested as a VirtualBox image running on my manjaro based Xfce4-gtk3 (4.13) laptop.
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