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: brightness and tape to click not working in BSPWM please help

Started by williamdosa, October 13, 2018, 11:09:07 AM

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Hello, I just finish to install SparkyLinux with the BSPWM desktop, However, my brightness key are not working.
Another problem am facing is the tape to click isn't working
Other problem am facing:
1 - I can't open my other partitions file. trying to open them give me not authorized to perform operation .
2 - Not a huge problem but I'd like to know how to enable single tape to open for icons/folder/file...

Those are settings I usually find in other distro easily but here, am completely lost.


"tap"  not tape. 
I had not heard of BSPWM.  tiling, ok.  I glanced at one of the first searchs, arch linux wiki. 
It might be that no one here uses BSPWM. 
Information on your machine would be helpful also.  inxi is a useful tool to give information about your machine.  Search forum here for examples of inxi usages. 
Things to search for are 1. Does BSPWM play nice with systemd?  Do others with your type of computer have similar problems?  And please post exactly what you did for you installation.  Starting out on a command line machine  with no DE would be my first way to install it. 

.dot files come to mind.  If you have another DE besides BSPWM your dot files from the other(s) DE can cause all sorts of problems, especially with such a minimal DE.

home page

And since over 95% of Sparky's programs come from Debian,

I found this link via the Debian forum - page was edited 8 days ago.

Forget the following It might be for Debian stable.   I was going to go with BSPW and sparky I would use the instructions above and  start with installing command line version of Sparky.  I would do the git clones and you should already have your gcc

I just might attempt to install onto a SDHC on a netbook.  Fluxbox did not work out so well when I tried a few months ago.
peace out,    Do your homework. 
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Well, I did a test case in a virtualbox machine.

I did not use Sparky, but the non free BusterAlpha3 net install iso  You can always add the Sparky repositories later. 

I used as a template

I did not use Sid.  He posts later he transitioned to Testing- Buster and will stay with Buster when it goes stable.  I do not do sid anymore either.  It's a lot of work.   

This is a good choice as the bspwm in stable it much older. He does not compile the bspwm, he uses the debian package. The package is the same in Buster and in Sid. 

For installation when it got to tasksel I did not select -tick (I un-selected) Debian Desktop environment - it pulls in numerous Gnome things.  I selected Mate and ssh server 

Using Buster eliminated the dist-upgrade.

I installed, it automatically did the full upgrade, I added apt-list bugs.  I paid no heed to 898743 (I trust Bieble) or 852035 or 852071  I paid no heed to the youtube-dl bug - it has been working well for me.   

Pinning, I did not, when I do I prefer to use "apt-mark" with the hold unhold and showhold options. 

Be sure to (as root) "adduser USERNAME sudo

For the polybar installation - "cmake" did not work for me .  "make"  did and then "sudo make instal"l. 

I did not import the Mint-Y icons.  I have not imported his  "dot files"  I have not invesigated how to use bspwm and polybar. 

Consider this a proof that it will install.  Another day for looking into getting the .config/polybar/config set up. 

All in all, Mr. Stavros is quite knowledgeable and writes well. 
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.

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