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[SOLVED]Open containing folder firefox problem + Screenshot

Started by Lia, September 16, 2017, 11:17:23 PM

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So I downloaded the latest sparky linux version today and installed it and did a full update and upgrade and it looks very nice and everything (almost) works fine except these 2 things for now, first one is when I download any file using the firefox esr which comes pre-installed and click on "open file containing folder" instead of opening the download folder it opens up audacious and starts playing music from the download folder.

And the second is when I click on Print screen on the keyboard I get this message "Openbox: Failed to execute child process "gnome-screenshot"(No such file or directory)"


The first one - remove audacious (install different audio player if you need):
sudo apt purge audacious

The second - gnome-screenshot is not installed so install the package:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install gnome-screenshot
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Yes removing audacious solved the problem and installing gnome screenshot now shows a window asking to take screenshot of the whole screen or window or area.  :)

Thank you so much!

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