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DONE Add Teamspeak to the APTus-Extra-tool please

Started by Goofy, January 12, 2017, 08:49:31 AM

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My wish would be to adding TeamSpeak to the APTus-Extra-Tool.

I know that many gamer use it (including me).

Certainly, I have mastered this hurdle in my Sparky,    8)
but it would be much more easier, if it could done by the APTus-Extra-Tool... Is my mind...


I don't think it's possible:
1. TeamSpeak is a proprietary Voice over IP software
2. Mirroring or linking directly to our files is prohibited without our express, written consent (from their download page)
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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Thank you, pavroo,

oh, I didn't know that problem is by the TeamSpeak-people.   :o

Hm, do you know, if Sparky has an alternative one? ....Maybe even preinstalled?    ;D
...Or reachabel by using the Terminal commands

sudo apt-get install 'programm-name'

...Ahh, sorry, this was a stupid question...   :-[

I see now, that in the APTus-extra tool, you can get Skype (with one click)   ;)


I know what you mean, an on-line installer which will download the package from the project page and install it.
I will try, shouldn't be difficult.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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It's done and available via apt and aptus-gamer
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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Dear pavroo,

many much thank you for your engagement, pavroo!   :D

Pavroo...? I'm nearly embarrassed... But I cannot find TeamSpeak in the aptus-gamer list and in aptus-extra, too...?
I've tried it via the Terminal with

sudo apt-get install teamspeak

but there was no package found...?    :-[

Is there something wich I have missunderstood?


Thank you, blaze, for the link! Now I have seen it directly on the Sparky-Home web-page.    ;D

Thank you, pavroo, again! Now, I have seen it in the aptus-gamer tool.  ...I should have done an update before looking... ::)



No worry Goofy, these things happen. We have all done it, and it is called learning. :)

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