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systemd320 tmux screen libaudit1 usrmerge

Started by paxmark1, July 01, 2016, 08:47:41 PM

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systemd 320 highlights

Each version of systemd has it's interesting moments.  What I have not dealt with (on several machines) is  ##  (I have converted it into an epub for when I do deal with it)

I do use tmux, either from tty1 or from the beginning of DE to set up things and I was impacted by the  "option KillUserProcesses in /etc/systemd/logind.conf to yes."   I will 1.  "first you set enable-linger [USER1 USER2...] for your respective users, as shown in the manpage to loginctl"  and 2.  "follow the manpage of systemd-run to start e.g. screen with the command systemd-run --scope --user screen in it's own scope."   

And now the jump (upcoming for  Sparky - testing in maybe 5 days) from 230-3 to 230-5.  It is way beyond my comprehension what it is about libaudit1 that was so grave, but evidently it got fixed or held up.  I did read several bug reports, my head spun.   My understanding of it is that 99+% of users will not be impacted.  Bugs 828991 829110 828992.

What does give me some idea about what it is all based on is that systemd starts up different partitions at different times.  If your /usr is on a different partition or a different disk, and it is slow to be mounted, that could cause problems.  More at  the Debian wiki explaining usrmerge

Testers are wanted.  However via  command "aptitude search usrmerge"

QuoteThere is no automatic method to restore the precedent configuration, so there is no going back once this package has been installed.

I will let other brave people do that.  Presently in unstable I have "apt-mark hold libaudit1" in place until I hear more.   

peace out.
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