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Thanks for a great distro

Started by AndyInMokum, March 02, 2016, 08:56:19 AM

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Hi everyone, how's it going?  I've been using SparkyLinux as part of a multi-boot system for a week.  You have managed to make Debian exciting.  I'm still in shock, Debian and exciting in the same sentence - crazy eh :o.  I've installed SparkyLinux next to Peppermint Six.  I've been using Peppermint for several year and I love the distro.  I'm one of the Global Moderators for the forum.  Peppermint OS, while being one of the smaller distros, it has an enthusiastic and very active following.  This is because like SparkyLinux, it's exciting to use. This is where I'm confused.  SparkyLinux is without a shadow of a doubt a great distro.  I really can't get over how good it is.  I'm having an immense amount of fun using it.  It's also a wonderful learning distro.  What I can't understand is why this forum isn't a hive of activity.  With such a great distro, it should be teaming with ideas, experiments and discussions.  I'm very new here, however this forum needs some Sparkiness injected into it  ;D.  I really encourage members here to come up with some ideas or create some discussions.  I for one am always happy to add to the dynamics and lend a hand.  I also love to learn from people who are far more experiences than myself.  This for me is what helps keep a distro exciting  ;).
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It looks like you are very dynamic person:)
That's great!
I am happy that you have found something in Sparky what makes you exating.
Don't hesitate to post your ideas, opinions or so.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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Hi everyone, how's it going?  In a previous post, I said I was toying with the idea of installing SparkyLinux Xfce on the Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Li3710 Notebook I have.  I've broken down and done the deed.  SparkyLinux Xfce is running beautifully on it.  Just as a point of interest.  I initially installed the Openbox spin.  That installed without any issues.  However after a full upgrade and dist-upgrade, the Openbox menu and pipemenus were broken.  There was nothing on the right click other than the pipemenu error notification.  I should have copied the log files for you guys.  I didn't think of it at the time.  Sorry about that  :-[.  Anyway, the Xfce spin is purring like a well contented cat.  It suits the FS really well.  I'll finish fine tuning it over the weekend and have it customized to the way I want it.  Windows and Mac users don't know what they're missing.  You have to love Linux for the freedom of choice it gives you  8).  I'm really impressed with the way SparkyLinux just works so well out of the box.  Thank you very much for this breath of fresh air in the Debian camp  ;).
Backup, Backup, Backup.  If you're missing any of these, you ain't backed up.

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