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SKYPE will not install

Started by frank392, January 20, 2016, 12:19:54 PM

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I have try installing Skype on 3 different computers but get the same error:

Something is wrong! probably you have stopped the installation or your interner connection is broken. check out and try again.

and everything is perfect with my Internet connection.

Please help!

Thank you


 I've always been successful following the instructions given at


than you! I never had aproblem using the Sparky installer but now is broke.


The sparky's skype-installer installs the same version as there is at the skype website.
The problem is with missing one dependency in Debian testing repos.
Grab and install libssl1.0.0-i386 package from the sid repos:
then try to install skype again.
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Thank you Pavroo That worked out perfect!! :D

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