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Installation language problem.

Started by Giorgos, September 12, 2015, 04:47:19 PM

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Hi!  :)

How can I change keyboard language, during installation?
Alt-Shift don't works (or Alt-K).
I tried the KDE x64 version.

I can see at Wiki, how can be changed for past versions, but it doesn't says much, for the current one (v.4).

Installer choose my locale language, but I also need the English keyboard (during installation).
TIA!  :)


The present 'live-installer' lets you choose the keyboard layout.
So what is a problem?
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That I need 2 languages at installation time.
My native one and English, so I want to be able to switch between them back and forth.
Because almost all data, needs to  be written in my native language, while some other (eg. the pwd) needs to be in English.

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