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Which Linux distro do you think is the best Operating System?

Started by way12go, October 22, 2014, 02:27:22 PM

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Which Linux distro do you think is the best Operating System?

1. Sparkylinux


2. Opensuse


3. Puppylinux


4. Quirkylinux

I know Puppylinux is very good but not stable. It's small and very fast.

And, Quirkylinux is the fork of Puppylinux.

And, Opensuse is very good and stable but, it's bloated. This is a great server distro and is very good if you have atleast 2 GB RAM and KDE on this distro is amazing.

Last thing is Sparkylinux. Sparkylinux is fast, responsive and amazingly stable even though it's a testing(Debian Testing) based distro and Sparky's unique Sparky-Applications are simply awesome. Sparkylinux has all the small great apps which all other Linux distros don't have. And, LxDE is buggy in other Linux distros and Sparky-LxDE is completely error free. The only thing is once you distupgrade or due to some other issue Debian LxDE takes over in some cases - like sparkybackup live copy...etc. That is Sparky's customized LxDE is missing in action.

The conclusion is...

In my personal opinion based on my experience and limited knowledge Sparkylinux is the best Linux Distro/Operating System.

I guess we must use Opensuse or some other server os for servers. I had problems with Fedora.

Sparkylinux is the number one choice.
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It's very, very big question.
Everybody can say completely different answer.
My personal choice for the last few years is Debian, that's why Sparky is based on it.
I like *buntu LTS (Lubuntu, Xubuntu), Mint based on *buntu LTS, openSUSE, PCLinuxOS too (and VectorLinux and Zenwalk before). 
Puppy is different group of OS for me, best for live usage, not for installing on a hard drive.
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I totally agree with you. We can never settle for one distro and, if we do so we miss all the fun and there will be no learning curve. And, all distro evolve so every distro has its place.

I must tell you this for sure...

This is my quote and signature. [ Everything comes with unlimited pictures and, every picture has its place. - Sagar Gorijala. ]

And the same applies to anything [ anything is just included in everything ].

So here it is...


Linux Distro comes with

unlimited pictures[its own picture(s)]

and, every picture has its place.
Success gives birth to success? Failure gives birth to failure? - Sagar Gorijala.


This is kind of a silly question. It's simply personal preference. Use what you like and respect that not everyone has the same opinions, beliefs, and ideas on what makes a perfect OS. For me personally, I like to find software that I can identify with and contribute to, hence my interest in open-source. I've distro hopped for a while because I couldn't find what I consider to be a perfect balance of functionality, stability, and culture in the community. I'm now trying Sparky, hoping that this is my last stop.


First, I don't think it's a silly question.  Perhaps someone might decide to try another distro based on the responses in this thread.

Second, at this time I think CrunchBang Linux is the best OS for me, even though it isn't one of the four choices.  It's stable, minimal, and the community is great.

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