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A Spoiler Button For Posting The Results Of Commands

Started by perknh, August 19, 2014, 10:53:47 PM

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Go to

Administration Center > Themes and Layout > Member options

Then (one at a time) for EVERY listed theme select "Change current options for all members using this theme"

Find the line for "Return to topics after posting by default."

Set the drop menu for that item to "Change" .. and put a tick in the box.

Make sure that's the ONLY ticked item, and the ONLY one set to "Change"

Click the "Save" button.

Repeat those steps for your other themes.

then  make a test posting to see if it returns you to the topic rather than to the board menu.

Just testing the spoiler .. please ignore
[spoiler]That's makes it slightly easier to understand than just "Spoiler" :)[/spoiler]


Thank's again, no much time for everything.
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Dear Friend perknh,

This is my video...
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