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Title: Sway Wayland 2021 after freeze
Post by: paxmark1 on March 05, 2021, 11:56:24 pm
I could have necroposted - but   A few posts on Planet Debian about Sway and Wayland for the future, what has changed, what has not.
waylandmar  (20)21
He had problems with IME - Asian languages.   But an afterward and new additions to testiing aided.   

From openbox to sway
And good news for me if I do go to wayland with new release.  (I do use the keepass type login managers)
So... I've switched to keepassxc which works out of the box with wayland.

And last but not least   Wayland and KDE
I concur, Norbert Preining can get the ball rolling,  w a y  b a c k he pushed out binaries for Calibre and Sigil which I adored and in the last year he hit a home run as far as I am concerned with his catalyzing the KDE team to get the new versions into testing.   (No I do not use KDE, but but I cheer on all flavours.)

It is awhile until July however. 
peace out,