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Title: fslint replacement czkawka Hiccup
Post by: paxmark1 on December 26, 2020, 09:04:54 PM
If you have used linux for awhile, there are binaries that disappear because they were not updated to needed upgrades in the languages that they were written in.   It is more than time for python 2 to disappear, come July (approximately) it will be gone from stable Debian 11 - Bookworm.

(If you are in Sparky5 most of your binaries come from Debain 10- Buster if you are in rolling - Bookworm 11).  fslint is one of those casualties of inattention to porting to python3.

Elsewhere I see people trying out a new program (written in Rust) called czkawka. Hiccup in english,  funny eh?    I am not going to try it out and take a test spin, Cli (comand line)  ncdu and fdupes works well enough for me, but for those interested in a gui for those sorts of things

peace out.

Yes, I have been working a little less than 40 hours a week, but that will change again soon and I will mostly lurking.  None of my co-workers near the front lines of Covid in residential work with the mentally challenged  have been afflicted hard, but people do decide to retire early, and very few enter my line of work and stay.