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Title: trying to master the remaster
Post by: king420queen on September 13, 2020, 02:22:02 AM
been trying for a couple days to "backup" my budgie based system and create a portable live cd. Everytime I have tried, i get an iso, it boots up, may make it to the login screen, but it can't load my desktop, just a terminal. i made my system btrfs not sure if thats the culprit. I have read the manuals about the /skel and i found that they are a little vague. one resource says to copy and paste your whole directory over while an other says that you should bring over a minimal amount as to not interfere with the live settings. i just came across the info about some "prep" work when running the cli version so will try again.

i am also curious about "remastering" the minimal gui/cli isos. I have an Acer laptop and with the new kernel thats been added I am not able to use my mouse or keyboard, to be honest i rarely can with sparky-libinput, and have to add input-synaptics and input-evdev for it to work properly. with the new kernel im still not after doing that. i had tried to use the custom-iso-maker to add a  different kernel, or remove the current, but i get dpkg errors that ultimately make it unuasable.
does anyone have any advice on how i can work around that problem.
i was using the rolling but, am about to try starting with the stable min gui.. without btrfs.