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Title: Sparky GameOver. 2020.05 Throwing in Towel
Post by: Kyanite393 on June 11, 2020, 08:31:53 pm
I spent about 5 days getting it installed and bootable, then come to find I can't get it to recognize my 4k TV and that there are no drivers for AMD 5500 XT in any stable Sparky and was unable to get the card/display working in rolling GameOver... So I installed one of the more populated distros Ubuntu "Studio" first install sets up my card correctly and recognizes I have a 4k UHD tv as a monitor.

I'll probably install a VM of GameOver rolling to attempt to get it to work everyonce in a while, but for now something actually operational is needed.

Thanks to all who attempted to and did successfully add to helping me resolve my install issues.