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Desktops / Re: Minimal-GUI - Passwords fi...
Last post by duststuff - May 12, 2024, 08:06:58 AM
I haven't heard of that before. I would probably try looking around at any language, input, keyboard, and/or font-related settings. Maybe also window manager settings and/or tweaks? You could also try to look to see if there are any settings (or other ways to configure) the authentication window. You could also see whether copy-pasting a password in the field gives the same result as typing it in. That's all I can think of.
Newbie questions / [SOLVED] two keyboards - how t...
Last post by dirkskep - May 12, 2024, 02:19:26 AM
I installed Sparky on an older Macbook Pro
I have physically installed a second keyboard (USB - non Apple) but this does not have the same exact layout...
It's a bit annoying having to look at my Macbook keyboard when I need to find a specific character...

Is there a way to configure a second keyboard layout?

Introduction / Hello from Belgium
Last post by dirkskep - May 12, 2024, 02:10:58 AM
Going to give Sparky a try...
I am dual (actually tripple) booting on a Macbook Pro...
Sparky installed nicely and Refind manages the boot selection...

Living in the flemish part of Belgium... (as if we really need to split this tiny country)...
Desktops / Minimal-GUI - Passwords fillin...
Last post by benny - May 12, 2024, 02:00:47 AM
Trying to figure out what is causing the '*' censored passwords when accessing the APTus app center, or other such passwords, to fill out vertically in their panel as I type instead of horizontally. I might have altered something when doing some simple customizing to give the taskbar and windows a dark theme (sparky 7 dark mostly) that uses the built in open-console font but I can't figure out what would have caused this or if it was like that already. Still functional, it just looks strange. Thanks for any help!

Newbie questions / Re: SparkyLinux too slow
Last post by paul74 - May 08, 2024, 09:18:32 AM

I use same version for an older PC, with SSD and 6 GB memory, no problem.

As your other system is running fine, I may suspect a wrong parameter in BIOS for the SSD containing SparkyLinux.
Could you check than "AHCI" is active for this SSD ?
Installation / How to proceed during installa...
Last post by paul74 - May 07, 2024, 04:21:43 PM

By default, when you format an EXT4 partition, space for Inodes is set to 5 %, that's means about 12 GB for a 240 GB SSD drive, that's really too much.

I try to limite that to 2% using  tune2fs command : 

pnp@pnp-aspirex3950:~$ sudo tune2fs -m 2 /dev/sdb1

tune2fs 1.47.0 (5-Feb-2023)

Setting reserved blocks percentage to 2% (1172137 blocks) <--------------

pnp@pnp-aspirex3950:~$ df -i

Sys. de fichiers Inœuds IUtil. ILibre IUti% Monté sur

udev 1261349 474 1260875 1% /dev

tmpfs 1271735 844 1270891 1% /run

/dev/sdb1 14655488 483632 14171856 4% / <---------------

tmpfs 1271735 184 1271551 1% /dev/shm

tmpfs 1271735 7 1271728 1% /run/lock

tmpfs 1271735 44 1271691 1% /tmp

/dev/sda1 72789392 36071 72753321 1% /media/pnp/Datas

tmpfs 254347 84 254263 1% /run/user/1000

Problem remains after restarting, and also if I try to proceed from booting using a USB key containing SparkyLinux.

How to proceed during a new installation to initiate SparkyLinux partition and specify only 2 % of space reserved to Inodes ?

Thank in advance for your ideas and comments.

System upgrading / Re: [RESOLU] System update req...
Last post by paul74 - May 07, 2024, 03:59:33 PM
Hello Piotrfr,

I upgraded from 6 to 7, no problem.
Since I updated from 7.1 to 7.2 and 7.3.
Everything is working fine.

Je suis passé de 6 à 7 sans problème.
Puis de 7.1 à 7.2 puis 7.3.
Tout fonctionne parfaitement.
System upgrading / Re: Upgrade stuck?
Last post by AxL - May 05, 2024, 12:49:38 PM
System upgrading / Re: Upgrade stuck?
Last post by grahamperrin - May 05, 2024, 05:24:25 AM

I keyed Control-C in the background window for the non-working upgrade, wasn't sure whether things had ended (the window remained open), I closed that window then restarted the system, ran the apt commands, restarted the system again.

There remained, near bottom right, a dialogue with two buttons (Cancel and OK, IIRC) but no content. I guessed, this was a ghost of a prompt to upgrade that preceded the second restart, so I opted to cancel.

I checked for an upgrade, began the upgrade, during the upgrade there appeared a prompt to upgrade.

I ignored the prompt to upgrade, completed the upgrade, restarted the system.
System upgrading / Re: Upgrade stuck?
Last post by AxL - May 04, 2024, 11:39:22 PM
Quote from: grahamperrin on May 04, 2024, 10:09:14 PM[....]  No progress in the background window.

How to proceed?

I think you should check out the latest article published by pavroo in Sparky News 2024/04 where he recommends uninstalling NALA due to malfunction:

Quote[....]  Due to nala doesn't full-upgrade packages properly and doesn't handle with broken packages on Sparky rolling (8) I recommend to uninstall nala. The sparky-upgrade tool on Sparky 8 uses apt back now to upgrade packages.

Use instead, the classic sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade
And this way, you probably won't have any problems updating the system.

Cheers !!

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