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Sparky applications / Re: 'APTus AppCenter' not usea...
Last post by rektal - June 13, 2024, 01:08:49 PM
I can confirm that Sparky APTus AppCenter is not working. I only see blank page.

sudo sparky-aptus do not show anything.

I am using SparkyLinux Seven Sisters 8 x86_64.
System upgrading / Re: Skype Install / Upgrade 'B...
Last post by duststuff - June 13, 2024, 12:08:28 PM
Hi Henry,

I'm not aware of any update. So based on what we know regarding Microsoft's position on this, it seems the only options for using Skype on a Linux PC are via 'snap' or a browser (official) or via 'flatpak' (unofficial). Personally, I'll likely look for a Skype alternative to use, although I may still use it sometimes via a browser or the mobile app (eg. on a phone).

Sparky applications / Re: 'APTus AppCenter' not usea...
Last post by duststuff - June 13, 2024, 11:56:22 AM
Hi Linuxuser, :-)

You could try finding out what the terminal command is to run the APTus AppCenter and then try running it from the terminal. That may produce output in the terminal that could help you figure out what the problem is and how to resolve it.

Also, when you're looking for help on this or other similar forums, it would be good for you to provide as much relevant information as possible. You can use the command-line tool 'inxi' and its various options to generate general / specific / relevant information about your system that you can then copy from the terminal (Shift + Ctrl + C) and paste into your post here using the code markers for easier readability. (Hover over the icons above where you're writing till you see the one marked 'Code', click on that and it should give you code markers like this: "code""/code" except with bracket markers in place of the quote markers. Then just paste the inxi output from the terminal between the code markers so it will show up correctly [you can use the preview option to check it's working as expected].) The 'inxi' tool has lots of different options -- here is just one example:
inxi -Frz(The '-F' option includes basic information for quite a few parts of your system, the '-r' option provides details on your repos, and the '-z' option filters out some things for privacy / security, which is probably a good idea when posting in public spaces like this forum.)

System upgrading / Re: Skype Install / Upgrade 'B...
Last post by Henry1 - June 13, 2024, 10:05:33 AM
Hi Dustin,

Any news regarding Skype update? The version available for Debian has been released at the end of September 2023 and for security reasons the new version should be released asap. Thank you in advance Dustin for taking care of this situation.


Sparky applications / 'APTus AppCenter' not useable
Last post by Linuxuser - June 12, 2024, 10:49:39 PM
Dear SparkyLinux Developer(s) and Members,

Unfortunately, your 'Sparky APTus AppCenter' (latest version 20240601~sparky7~0) cannot be applied on my SparkyLinux installation (from ISO image 'Minimal GUI i686', on my pentium 4 computer) with openbox, since it simply just shows an empty white window without text or buttons, one would have to click on (they are all invisible).

Thank you very much for your reply!
Newbie questions / Re: Crashing often in Virtualb...
Last post by one23 - June 04, 2024, 11:04:21 PM
Without any further details it's hard to say. I would try to look into VBox logs and maybe try to redownload Sparky iso image or experiment with Vbox settings. 
Also it's important to have host with enough CPU power and memory resources.
Newbie questions / Re: [SOLVED] System freezes on...
Last post by one23 - June 04, 2024, 11:00:41 PM
Not at all.

The one causing problems I bought on eBay and according to seller the model is LUPO S-UH-0210. Logs on Sparky never showed any model number and HWiNFO on Windows reports it as generic USB device.

The USB hub that works is Atolla and model number is QF-UD50 (I bought it on Amazon). Strangely this one didn't work well with Orange Pi board (one of the WD hard drives was disconnecting) but works perfect with Acer.

Newbie questions / Re: [SOLVED] System freezes on...
Last post by duststuff - June 04, 2024, 03:36:30 PM
Hey, @one23, would you mind posting the make / model of the powered USB hub that caused this problem, as well as the one that is working OK for you? I will probably buy one in the near future, so this information would be helpful in trying to avoid the problem you encountered, and others may find it useful as well. Thanks in advance, ---Dustin
System upgrading / Skype Install / Upgrade 'Broke...
Last post by duststuff - June 04, 2024, 03:11:34 PM
As @Henry1 mentioned in post #9 of this topic,
QuoteAccording to this thread of 2 weeks ago the latest version of Skype ( isn't available for Debian as a .deb file. Microsoft has discontinued providing .deb packages for Skype on Linux.

I've tested this and it is still possible to install version using APTus AppCenter, but if the Skype repo is active, then it unnecessarily slows down the system upgrade / update process because of trying and failing repeatedly to access this repo before eventually moving on.

Because the latest version of Skype can no longer be installed and because having its repo active interferes with the upgrade process, I think this should be considered a 'bug' that should be 'fixed'. I don't know of the best way to do this, but I thought I should bring it to the developers' attention so that it can be addressed if/when they are able to.
Installation / Re: APTus AppCenter slow <SOLV...
Last post by Henry1 - June 04, 2024, 11:34:14 AM
Hi Dustin,

I think it's a good idea, feel free to open a new topic here in the forums as I won't have enough time to check further developments.

Thank you for your appreciation and always prompt replies.


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