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Sparky Linux kernel / Re: incompatibility with kerne...
Last post by pavroo - December 12, 2022, 11:29:14 PM
I am doing it now, so I will let you know when ready.
Sparky Linux kernel / Re: incompatibility with kerne...
Last post by blakem - December 12, 2022, 10:16:01 PM
Sorry, not completely following you here. Are you saying I need to build the kernel myself instead of pulling it from the sparky repository or that the Sparky team is planning on building 6.1 for future use?
Sparky Linux kernel / Re: incompatibility with kerne...
Last post by pavroo - December 12, 2022, 07:34:07 PM
The default version of GCC on Sparky 7 is 12.2.0, but as you said, 10.4.0 is also available.
Have to build the kernel on bookworm too.
Newbie questions / Re: Which base of Debian does ...
Last post by 151tom - December 12, 2022, 06:33:34 PM
Quote from: LinkunSahu on November 28, 2022, 02:49:20 AMI just wanted to know on which base of Debian (unofficial non-free stable, official free stable,testing ,weekly builds ,etc.) does SparkyLinux use?

Copy and paste this command into the terminal and press enter and it will show what base you are using.

lsb_release -a

sparkylinux@sparkylinux:~$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Sparky
Description:    SparkyLinux 6.5 (Po-Tolo)
Release:        6.5
Codename:       bullseye

Sparky Linux kernel / incompatibility with kernel 6....
Last post by blakem - December 12, 2022, 05:23:21 PM
I have some newer hardware on my Razer Blade 15 and have thus been trying to upgrade to a newer kernel in an attempt to get the hardware to work natively. Currently I'm running on the latest 6.0 kernel:

blakem@bm-mod-laptop:/usr/bin$ uname -r

I had to downgrade my gcc to v. 10 in order for it to compile the nvidia drivers properly into the kernel. I saw that kernel 6.1 droppped this weekend so attempted to install it this morning. However, the gcc-10 version in the bookworm repositories is 10.4 but the 6.1 sparky kernel was compiled with 10.2, thus I can't get dkms to successfully compile the nvidia drivers into the kernel modules:

make[1]: Entering directory '/usr/src/linux-headers-6.1.0-sparky-amd64'
warning: the compiler differs from the one used to build the kernel
  The kernel was built by: gcc (Debian 10.2.1-6) 10.2.1 20210110
  You are using:           gcc (Debian 10.4.0-5) 10.4.0
  ./scripts/check-local-export /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/510.85.02/build/nvidia/nv-modeset-interface.o
   { echo ; echo '/var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/510.85.02/build/nvidia/nv-modeset-interface.o: $(wildcard ./tools/objtool/objtool)' ; } >> /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/510.85.02/build/nvidia/.nv-modeset-interface.o.cmd
  if nm /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/510.85.02/build/nvidia/nv-modeset-interface.o 2>/dev/null | grep -q __ksymtab; then gcc -E -D__GENKSYMS__ -Wp,-MMD,/var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/510.85.02/build/nvidia/.nv-modeset-interface.o.d -nostdinc -I./arch/x86/include -I./arch/x86/include/generated  -I./include -I./arch/x86/include/uapi -I./arch/x86/include/generated/uapi -I./include/uapi -I./include/generated/uapi -include ./include/linux/compiler-version.h -include ./include/linux/kconfig.h -include ./include/linux/compiler_types.h -D__KERNEL__ -fmacro-prefix-map=./= -Wall -Wundef -Werror=strict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common -fshort-wchar -fno-PIE -Werror=implicit-function-declaration -Werror=implicit-int -Werror=return-type -Wno-format-security -std=gnu11 -mno-sse -mno-mmx -mno-sse2 -mno-3dnow -mno-avx -fcf-protection=none -m64 -falign-jumps=1 -falign-loops=1 -mno-80387 -mno-fp-ret-in-387 -mpreferred-stack-boundary=3 -mskip-rax-setup -mtune=generic -mno-red-zone -mcmodel=kernel -Wno-sign-compare -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables -mindirect-branch=thunk-extern -mindirect-branch-register -mindirect-branch-cs-prefix -mfunction-return=thunk-extern -fno-jump-tables -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks -Wno-frame-address -Wno-format-truncation -Wno-format-overflow -Wno-address-of-packed-member -O2 -fno-allow-store-data-races -Wframe-larger-than=2048 -fstack-protector-strong -Wno-main -Wno-unused-but-set-variable -Wno-unused-const-variable -fno-omit-frame-pointer -fno-optimize-sibling-calls -fno-stack-clash-protection -pg -mrecord-mcount -mfentry -DCC_USING_FENTRY -Wdeclaration-after-statement -Wvla -Wno-pointer-sign -Wcast-function-type -Wno-stringop-truncation -Wno-stringop-overflow -Wno-restrict -Wno-maybe-uninitialized -Wno-alloc-size-larger-than -Wimplicit-fallthrough=5 -fno-strict-overflow -fno-stack-check -fconserve-stack -Werror=date-time -Werror=incompatible-pointer-types -Werror=designated-init -Wno-packed-not-aligned -g -I/var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/510.85.02/build/common/inc -I/var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/510.85.02/build -Wall -MD -Wno-cast-qual -Wno-error -Wno-format-extra-args -D__KERNEL__ -DMODULE -DNVRM -DNV_VERSION_STRING=\"510.85.02\" -Wno-unused-function -Wuninitialized -fno-strict-aliasing -mno-red-zone -mcmodel=kernel -DNV_UVM_ENABLE -Werror=undef -DNV_SPECTRE_V2=0 -DNV_KERNEL_INTERFACE_LAYER -I/var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/510.85.02/build/nvidia -DNVIDIA_UNDEF_LEGACY_BIT_MACROS -UDEBUG -U_DEBUG -DNDEBUG  -DMODULE  -DKBUILD_BASENAME='"nv_modeset_interface"' -DKBUILD_MODNAME='"nvidia"' -D__KBUILD_MODNAME=kmod_nvidia /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/510.85.02/build/nvidia/nv-modeset-interface.c | scripts/genksyms/genksyms   -r /dev/null >> /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/510.85.02/build/nvidia/.nv-modeset-interface.o.cmd; fi
make[1]: *** [Makefile:1992: /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/510.85.02/build] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/src/linux-headers-6.1.0-sparky-amd64'
make: *** [Makefile:82: modules] Error 2

Was kernel 6.1 compiled and tested against the nvidia drivers before releasing it to the repository? If so, what is the workaround? I could pull gcc/g++/gfortran v10 from the stable debian repository (it is v 10.2), but would prefer not to start apt-pinning and mixing repositories if I can avoid it. Thanks.
Applications / Discord 0.22 has been released
Last post by daemonspudguy - December 11, 2022, 06:26:36 PM
You should probably update the package to it.
Newbie questions / Re: Which base of Debian does ...
Last post by dodcel - December 11, 2022, 02:28:53 PM
SparkyLinux has two versions, Stable (Based on stable line of Debian, recommended for all users), and Semi-Rolling (Based on Debian testing branch, if you prefer fresh packages over a little less stability).
Desktops / Re: KDE Plasma's Discover Noti...
Last post by Sadi - December 11, 2022, 12:28:44 PM
The fact that the same problem exists also in Kali Linux probably means this might be resulting from the current state of KDE Plasma packages in Debian Testing (Bookworm) repositories.
So, until this is resolved upstream, a workaround might be a simple script (e.g. like a backend for the Command Output plasmoid) that periodically runs "apt list --upgradable".
Desktops / [SOLVED] KDE Plasma's Discover...
Last post by Sadi - December 11, 2022, 09:35:27 AM
I've begun using Sparky KDE recently, and preferred using KDE Plasma's own software notifier instead of Sparky's as I'm more used to it. However, after a while (several weeks?) it suddenly stopped showing up in the system tray.
I've re-installed Discover, I can see it both in "/etc/xdg/autostart" and in "System Activity" (as a running process). I can see nothing contradictory in either "System Settings > Notifications > Discover" or "Configure System Tray... > Entries > Updates": it's "Show when relevant" status, but only shows up in when I switch "Always shown").

I wonder why it's not showing up in system tray when updates are available?
I'm afraid it might be related to some Sparky-specific configuration regarding software update notification that interferes with Discover Notifier, which somehow was suppressed at the beginning, and somehow came back to life again.
Newbie questions / Re: Which base of Debian does ...
Last post by Sadi - December 11, 2022, 09:12:18 AM

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