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Title: Buster Release statistics
Post by: paxmark1 on May 02, 2021, 09:49:16 PM
The upstream binaries for Sparky in Debian has entered the "Hard Freeze" stage, actually some time ago. 

It is a decent working hypothesis or maybe just a guess that it will take longer than usual to achieve the release of "Bullseye"   as the new stable to replace the present "Buster."
QuoteKey release dates

    [2021-01-12] Transition and (build-)essential Freeze
    [2021-02-12] Soft Freeze
    [2021-03-12] Hard Freeze - for key packages and packages without autopkgtests
    [    TBA    ] Full Freeze

As of May 02

QuoteRecent changes
NO release-critical bugs were closed and 2 were opened.

Opened/upgraded release-critical bugs

    libgcrypt20: 987956
    pev: 987959

A short look at the critical packages shows  things  needing some love and more than a few final python 3 fixes needing to be done.  In these times where some parts of the world are reeling current events, it is to be expected that the labour of love that is free open sourced software would slow its pace. 

Keep safe all.