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adding Irfanview to repositories?

Started by lukand, June 13, 2024, 01:26:53 PM

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Would it be possible to add the software mentioned above? It is included in PCLinuxOS, so why not to do the same for SparkyLinux?


Quoteadding Irfanview to repositories?
I am far from someone judging (other people's) questions and have always learned that there are no dumb ones to be asked... but this strikes me a question pretty close of being one.

Let me try to provide some reasons:
1. it is commercial software
2. it is Windows (only) software
3. It has an eula forbidding that what you just asked (unless granted permission)

So, when you ask why SparkyLinux can't do the same it would probably better to ask why PCLinuxOS does and if it has permission to do so and above all what the actual point of including it is.

But that is most probably just me so please do not take offense.

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