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Started by BrianLinuxing, July 15, 2024, 06:58:21 PM

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Would it be feasible (given space constraints, etc) to include a locally built ungoogled-chromium browser?

The project ships the source code but the binaries are, seemingly, built by any random person and that is not secure.

Therefore, if it was built for Sparky as a portable package, others could use it too and we'd know it had been done properly.

Thanks, Brian

PS: Yes, I run opera, vivaldi, brave, Firefox, Falkon and a lot more browsers, but it would be nice to have another too :)


My mistake.

Pawel is a genius, it is already there, although I'd like a portable version too (to shove on my Ubuntu based systems too (I run a mix)) :)


Just noticed, they provide the sources for a variety of distros, but don't really build any trustworthy binaries, any random person can do it (I'd prefer not to do that, waste of the world's energy) and you never know what's inside such stuff (I like trusted sources)

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