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weird anacron issue

Started by joealuminium, March 17, 2024, 09:18:15 PM

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I've just installed SparkyLinux (SparkyLinux 7.3)on my main PC and I had a weird issue with anacron.
It didn't appear to do anything.

I had set up a couple of backup scripts one in /etc/cron.daily and one in /etc/cron.monthly they work fine and run as they should with run-parts /etc/cron.daily but not when invoked by anacron, nothing happens. No timestamp files were created in /var/spool/anacron.

When I ran anacron -u from the command line again no timestamp files were created. After a bit of digging and removing and installing anacron I discovered that /usr/sbin/anacron was a symbolic link to /bin/true and there was a file in /usr/sbin called anacron.orig.anacron. When I removed anacron from the system the file /usr/sbin/anacron.orig.anacron was removed. It reappeared when I installed anacron.

I removed the symbolic link from /usr/sbin/anacron to /bin/true and created a symbolic link to anacron.orig.anacron and now everything appears to work.

Is this intentional? A known issue? or an oversight.     


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