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Stuck in login loop

Started by Mitch33, March 03, 2024, 05:04:04 PM

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Hi, so my issue started with trying to install a flatpak, logged in as root in the terminal and did not logout after, closed laptop and when I went to get back on this morning it was stuck in the root account entirely upon booting. I logged out to the login screen and when i type in my user and password, it shows a black terminal-like screen for a few seconds and then goes back to the login screen, just keeps looping every time i try to log in unless i type the root user and password, then it opens the desktop but under root. I tried googling for a few hours now and havent been able to figure it out, im running sparky gameover edition on an old chromebook.


Quote from: Mitch33 on March 03, 2024, 05:04:04 PM[....]  it was stuck in the root account entirely upon booting.

   Check this old thread. See, if it helps you solve the problem you are having.:

➤ Want to know how you can use a program you have never used before? "man" will be your best new friend! Type "man <pkg-name>" in a shell.
➤ Or, point your browser to "<pkg-name>" .... RTFM !!!

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