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I'm fixing Sparky 6 theme, but I need some help

Started by xdanic, January 19, 2024, 04:30:32 PM

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Hi, so I was using Sparky 6 a year ago on a VM with xfce and recently decided to install linux on the bare metal of my previous computer, using Debian though, now that I know more about linux.

I noticed a bug where I'm not sure if the problem was the theme or the settings window, I also noticed it  fixed itself unpredictably when I put more attention into editing the css, apparently from the xfce-appearance-wathever it didn't show up but it did when accessing from the settings panel as a submenu, and then it worked even there even when changing the theme so all fine, just a small problem that fixe itself.

Anyway let's get to the point, I used the Sparky 6 theme in my gnome desktop and there were a few error I fixed in the image below. The main problem is that the gnome panel doesn't seem to lay nice with gtk inspector and I can't launch it to see the actual hierarchy to easily change more styles, the other big problem, although that's not the latest Sparky theme is that ssasc doesn't seem to like .sass syntax used for the theme.

Anyways, I wonder where I could submit this changes and if there's someone making themes if there's some tips to work more effectively, for example I added this snnipet to a small script I call using rt (refresh theme) since that was meant to work but I don't have that command.

Quotegdbus call --session --dest org.gnome.Shell --object-path /org/gnome/Shell --method org.gnome.Shell.Eval 'Main.loadTheme();'

And building on that command I made this small script to watch for changes in the theme folder with inotify-tools:


if [ -z "$1" ]; then
    echo "Usage: $0 <folder_to_watch>"
    exit 1


inotifywait -m -e modify --format '%w%f' "$folder_to_watch" |
while read file
    echo "File $file has been updated. Running your command..."
    # comando mio

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