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usb printer installation

Started by jnwright, January 12, 2024, 02:37:35 AM

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I have a Brother usb printer, model HL-L2320D.
I have used many linux distros and until now,
the only one that installed the printer automatically using linux
drivers without me having to download and install Brother drivers
is Spiral linux.

I decided to try Sparky linux, ver. 7.2 and to my surprise,
it also automatically installed the printer without me having
to do any thing.

Spiral and Sparky are based on Debian stable.
Sparky uses the 6.1.0-17 kernel; Spiral uses the kernel.

A lot of other distros are also based on Debian stable,
so the question I have is how are Spiral and Sparky able to
automatically install this printer and the other distros are not ?

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