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Minimal CLI With Console Screen Reader

Started by djringjr, December 12, 2023, 03:06:10 AM

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Is it possible to take the minimal CLI iso and use the debian-installer file from Debian to make a accessible Sparky Linux Minimal CLI installation?

Sparky Linux is everything Debian should be but isn't.

David Ring


Asking another way, can I use the regular debian-installer from Debian, then obtain the /etc/apt/sources.list files from Sparky Linux and do an upgrade.

This would:

1) Install espeakup and the kernel modules for speech in console (CLI) and activate speechd-up so on boot, there is screen reader at the console prompt for blind user.  Also brltty would be installed for braille devices.

If this would be done, we'd have Debian without any of the deficiencies like no multimedia, and no access to non-free firmware which makes it nearly impossible to install Debian on laptops. (I know this has changed which is a step in the right direction, but it's still a cantankerous Distro because to make it usable, you have to jump through many hoops.


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