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Ungoogled Chromium update <SOLVED>

Started by Henry1, October 26, 2023, 11:16:05 AM

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Hi Pavroo,

Ungoogled Chromium stable version 118.0.5993.70-1 doesn't show in updating packages, is there a problem on Sparkylinux 7.1 with this version? Thank you in advance for your reply.



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Wow Pavroo, you updated UC to the latest version very fast! Regarding the standby mode, I wanted other users to know (it works for me) that the standby mode is available now from the screensaver panel (and choose the mode "blank screen only" or the one they like) and not from the power management panel (the same in Sparky 6.7) if they can't get any suspension for their pc/laptop using the power management's settings.

Thank you once again Pavroo for your quick update.


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