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sparky linux 7.1 MATE

Started by sparky270, October 25, 2023, 10:08:15 PM

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Saprky Linux 7.1 MATE Live ISO does not detect Wi-Fi networks


What is your wifi device?
Output of that should help a bit:
uname -a
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I am using the sparky 7.1 stable XFCE ISO and wifi works fine, something must be missing in Sparky 7.1 stable MATE


I use 7.1 MATE in several machines, still working fine. Check the h/w drivers starting with the commands suggested by pavroo.


If it works with sparky 7.1 xfce, I don't see why it doesn't work with sparky 7.1 mate. I have a Lenovo g480, the wifi chip is Broadcom. Anyway it doesn't matter anymore, I'll stay on sparky 7.1 xfce, thank you very much.


I just installed Debian 12 Live MATE, everything works fine and my wifi is recognized. There is something wrong in Sparky 7.1 MATE with the wifi drivers.

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