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GDebi Package Installer error

Started by amslux, August 18, 2023, 07:44:35 PM

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Hello, I successfully installed Sparky Linux (within Virtualbox) on a Macbook Pro 2009.
It's actually working surprisingly well, and I managed to install the VB additions.
I also managed to get spotify working ao...

But now my question: when I open the GDebi Package Installer I get the following message:

Download failed
Downloading the package failed: file " 'g-io-error-quark: Operation not supported (15)'

Internet is working fine. Does anybody know why this happens and there a solution for this?

Many thanks:) nb sorry I saw now that posted this in the completely wrong section but can't find a way to delete and repost (yet)


Try running <sudo dpkg --configure -a>. It sounds like you have a broken package.

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