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Enter in SparkyLinux

Started by budking, October 02, 2023, 02:27:24 AM

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Amigo Sparky Galaxy,

High, I enter in.

Sparky Linux is finally something that really works for me.
It's exactly how I imagine Linux and it's exactly how I need it.
Finally I found what I got. I come to stay with that.

I love it.

Before I discovered SpackyLinux, I had always dreamed of such a Linux like that. It is so clear and truth. Before that, I was never satisfied about Linux Distro what they give you. But SparkyLinux is that where I dreamed when it was still hidden from me.

History: Windows -> Ubuntu -> Zorin -> Debian -> Tails -> finally Sparky Linux with my necessary experience

(SparkyLinux, OPNsense: [ Unbound DNS (+Adguard-DNS io over TLS/https), Nginx, FreeRadius, OpenDNS, Crowdsec, Einbruchserkennung(suricata) mit Verwerfen(Drop), DNS Firewall Rule], ProtonVPN, Coreboot, Mullvad with Addon [{CanvasBlocker}, Chamelon, Decentraleyes, DuckDuckGo Essintials/Safe, I don't care about cookies, AdGuard Extra, uBlock], AdGuardHome, Tor Browser, Invidious (example FreeTube)

In memory to my cat calls Spakie.

Greetings to all Sparky people

Kind Regards,


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