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SOLVED Restoring default XFCE panel

Started by cecca, August 29, 2023, 02:50:15 PM

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[SOLVED] In Italian the element to add is called "Pulsanti delle finestre", not the best translation IMHO :)
Now I wish to find a way to use all the free space for the running apps

Trying a new setup (my bad) I've accidentally "created" a panel where the running apps are not showed.
How can I restore the original Panel? The Backup made before the modification doesn't work (nothing changes after reloading a previous version).
I can also accept help for showing the running apps, if this would be easier to achieve :)

Sparkylinux 7.0 with XFCE 4.18

Thanks a lot for any help.


APTus-> Desktops-> Xfce - it restores all your Xfce settings to the default ones.
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Thanks a lot! Nice to know (just in case I'll made another mess)

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