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HP ENVY 4500 All-in-One Printing Issue With Sparky 8 MATE

Started by RetiredIT, August 14, 2023, 05:27:58 PM

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I have been using an HP ENVY 4500 All-in-One printer for years and have been generally satisfied with its quality and because the cartridges are fairly inexpensive. Sparky 8 installed a generic printer driver for my 4500. However, when I went to print multiple pages on both sides it prints them in reverse order! Something like this has never happened before in using Linux for the past 15+ years.

Has anyone had a similar problem with ANY printer using either Sparky 7 or 8? Thanks.


I'll state the obvious first of all - 8 is very much in the development stage and there will be bugs.

CUPS is moving to driverless printing which may have consequences for older printers.

May be worth checking in synaptic that all the HP drivers are installed. HPLIP supports the ENVY 4500 from what I can see so adding that may be useful.

Does the printer setup still provide a driver picklist?

If it printed in reverse order then it may be of interest to see what it does if you check the reverse order box on the print dialogue to see if it then gets it the right way round.

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