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Hi World!

Started by Ze_Mind, July 29, 2023, 12:41:41 AM

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I'm an old Debian guy. Started with Squeeze. Had a friend help me out A LOT. Never tried the Testing branch. But from what I heard, it's more current than stable. Well, of course they freeze stable, so..

I was previously on Arch, but I don't need 20+ updates every DAY.. Half of it, I don't understand what I'm downloading.

I used Sparky years years and years ago. I never found anything special about it. But back  then, I was a Linux newb. Didn't know any better.

I've been using Linux 100% for ~12 years now. I saw a preview of Windows 8, and I ran. Far away from Windows. I liked Win 7, but it was reaching it's EOL. Was an easy transition, as most of my software was open source already. Firefox, OpenOffice, Gimp, etc.

My Dad saw me using it and was interested in it. He was having too many virus/malware problems with Win 7. I load up Mint on his computer, and he has been using it ever since. He also bought a laptop, and it had Win 10 on it. The next day, he asked me to install Mint on it.. LOL

This is probably too long anyway, so Hi!!


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Welcome aboard  Ze_Mind!

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