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Desktop Trinity not loading

Started by notlurking, July 05, 2023, 06:53:26 PM

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Hello to all.I used APTus to install the Trinity Desktop environment. The installation seemed to work fine without any errors. It then ended and explained that I need to log out and log back in so that Trinity will load for the first time. I tried doing this but the default GUI XFCE was still loaded.

I also tried rebooting but again it is still loading the default GUI rather than Trinity.

How do I get Trinity to load so I can choose between it and XFCE?.



Trinity changes repos so make sure that the Sparky stable uses bookworm stable not testing now.
If you use Sparky testing switch to trinity trixie repos now.
Then make full upgrade and make sure you have 'sparky-desktop-trinity' meta package installed.
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On the login window top right you need to click the Session button and pick Trinity Desktop (TDE)

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