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connection problems

Started by nabe_33, June 26, 2023, 04:33:10 AM

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let's see, I thought that my connection problem was with my isp, but in my android phone everything works correctly, I've been looking for a solution to this for several days, so I decided to try to share internet via usb from the phone while this is connected to the wifi network of my router (same to which is connected the pc via ethernet) that is I am connected to the same network but not through the ethernet port but via usb and to my surprise everything works correctly, even the system update tool that I thought was not working works correctly, so the problem is in my pc, the browser works correctly just a little slow sometimes and the command ping shows me the ping correctly without problems, the led indicators of the ethernet port show data traffic and work correctly so I think it is a system problem but I have no idea what the problem is.

basically the main problem is that it does not connect correctly to the repositories, sudo apt update does not work correctly and aptus shows me a window saying that I have no internet connection, if I activate a vpn most of these problems are corrected and I can update the system without problems, as well as install applications from aptus appcenter.

I also have problems connecting proton vpn, I have been using riseup vpn for the moment and when I activate it I can update the system and install applications without any problem.

this all started when i installed version 7, while i had sparky 6 everything was going great and i really love this distro and i don't want to change it.
btw the desktop environment I use is lxqt

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