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Disk space usage from updating

Started by japprends, March 24, 2023, 04:18:57 PM

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This may not be the proper area in the forum for this post;  if so, I apologize and appreciate your pointing me to the appropriate place.

I am running the (semi-)rolling version of Sparky Linux and find that most of the time when I update the system, e.g., when prompted by the update deamon, the amount of extra disk space that will be used is large.  For the last considerable while, it has been around half a gigabyte.  This seems excessive and I am running the distro on a partition sized to handle the OS and all my data, but not to grow by half a gigabyte every few weeks.

What is the best way to deal with this (short of reinstalling periodically)?

I recall long ago reading that some Linux update tools cache all the data needed to roll back the update.  Is that an issue here?  If so, how can I prune that cache once I am satisfied that an update was successful?

I am aware of 'apt autoremove' which typically removes a few hundred kilobytes which doesn't make a dent in the disk space.



The 'apt autoremove' removes only not needed dependencies.
To clean apt cache run:
sudo apt autocleanwhich removes old versions of deb packages.

To clean up the apt cache run:
sudo apt clean
There are also the same 2 options in APTus -> APTus tab to do so.
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