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Former Puppy Linux User

Started by sysstb, February 24, 2023, 01:19:16 PM

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I worked in IT (Information Technology) for over 30 years; 15 yrs using "Puppy Linux" as my daily driver. I read an article on SparkyLinux a couple of days ago, and  thought I would give it a try. Everything just works; all my scripts, apps and AppImages, the latest Kernel (6.2), etc.
I'm hooked. Thank you


Yo Sysstb... Great to connect... Similar, I've played with Puppy... Recently played with AntiX-MX as well as many other distros... To compare where "Linux" is... and heading.... Easily settling on Sparky, as the most well taken care of Linux Distro... New here, yet feel this is a great base, and hopefully a like minded community on many projects... Like, "Live-Drives" and potentially start integrating AppImages into an Apt Repository... As I feel this is whats missing in Linux as a whole... May you and I both find a home here at Sparky...

Thanks for joining in, here... ;)



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